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Blue Spheres Forever

A fan remake of Sonic 3's Special stage


Hi everybody! So, if you got here, you probably know what this site is about. Yes, this is a little project that tries to recreate the very popular special stages of Sonic 3 and Sonic&Knuckles. The main goal is to maintain the old but great gameplay, and give the game a new look and feel.

This was the original project... Then I accidentally discovered that secret "Blue Spheres" minigame, and decided to put all toghether. And so, here we are.


Blue Spheres Forever 2020 - Alpha
Blue Spheres Forever - v1.0.3
Blue Spheres Forever - v1.0.2
(Required) Visual C++ 2019 Redistributables

How to play

In every level you will find the following objects:

There are two game modes available: